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Be Bold

I found myself out of my comfort zone this week, and not my usual leap into Learning/Growth zone where I have become accustomed to the excitement and engagement in learning and developing.

No this was serious fear zone stuff, the type of feeling that causes physical discomfort as well as pangs of questioning self-talk and an the Clairvoyant of Anxiety doing its best to predict all possible and horrendous outcomes.

( Us coaches feel that sort of stuff too sometimes!)

I knew it was going to come, the bubble of trepidation because I had mastered avoidance of this particular task until it was right in my face and I had no option but to say ….right…ok…breath…. go!

I also knew that it would pass as quickly as it was there. (coaching helps to see this even when it can’t be felt!)…. I knew that out the other side this task would be an insignificant and perhaps humorous experience -with hindsight of beautiful intelligent Hindsight!.

And now on the other side I thank Wisdom for giving me this narrative too.

The bit in the middle though, , the anticipation. It was distracting and draining and I had to sit with it, be bold and ride the fear.

When I let myself hold the space of that fear and trust myself through it, alongside it, I began to journey through the other side. Phew!

As a coach I consistently talk about health and happiness.; about paving the way to success and well-being.

At the heart of this is also my deepest appreciation for the courage, bravery and boldness that people I work with have journeyed in their lives. I celebrate daily our amazing ability to dive into adversity, to be with discomfort and come out the other side!

We cannot always mitigate the challenges life has for us. S**t truly does happen and so does the unknown, uncomfortable. Likewise the masterfully avoided might creep up on us.

In deed. with hindsight,we might say those experiences (big or small, terrifying or unnerving) are the things that give us the greatest qualities like empathy, humility, courage, trust and love.

The fear, it washes over with time and the right resources.

It hurts, it transforms and it also helps us grow.

In these moments I ask myself does achieving this help or hinder me? What might it feel like on the other side (AMAZINGLY INSIGNIFICANT BY THE WAY!) and do I trust myself through this?

And I come back to two words… Be Bold

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