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Creating a self-care movement. #MDBM

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

I am going to let you into a little secret, I recently embarked on a new self-care movement and it's beginning to catch on!

I introduce you to the #MDBM or Mid Day Bath Movement.

It all began when, working a long day of an admin/client mix I had been slogging away at the "to do and not yet forgotten" list... (you know the one... where you have left particular tasks for as long is as possible before they go from "aspiration" to "priority". ). The seasons had just started to change and it can take a week or too to realign, dodging the new seasonal cold strains that have flared up.

I often do a good slog of admin in the morning and take a longer lunch break ready to refresh for my afternoon and evening clients.

I was square eyed ( after staring at the screen for a while) and was ready for a lovely long lunch break where I usually chill out and replenish. On this day I decided to opt for a midday bath... this was a new concept and was certainly not a stand alone experience.

I have to admit this has been one of many since, in fact its quite amazing when I have managed to prioritise a bath in and I am almost tempted to pop it on the daily to do list.

I find my energy levels excelled with this little additional moment of space and relaxation.

I told a few friends about this, and it's caught on... in fact they have told friends and even their own clients about the liberating movement of #MDBM.

Of course, there are some limitations of this in that you need to have access to a bath, and you need the flexibility of a longer lunch hour or afternoon break to reap the benefits!

(Probably not going to go down well with your boss if you are missing in the afternoon due to a lunch-time soak!)

It left me intrigued about what other self-care tips and routines people have developed for themselves.... through sharing your hints and tips we can share these with the wider world. They could be life changing, as people explore them and reap the well-being benefits.

Self-care is about checking in with yourself and enabling space to just chill out, zone out, refresh and replenish. It comes in many forms and I really encourage you to explore your own fit.

Being aware of what keeps you happy and healthy. Giving yourself time for that TLC activity will reap benefits such as avoiding burn-out, boosting your immune system, increasing your focus and creating space for inspiration and ideas.

Doing something that is enjoyable or relaxing also ignites all the really great chemicals in our mind and body too!

If you are not sure where to start with creating a space for self-care here are some of the other things I do to help with my self-care, happiness and well-being.

  • Carry lip balm & moisturiser - this time of year can really dry the skin out.

  • Sing loudly in the car - this is a space to indulge in those guilty secret tracks!

  • Drink water - I cannot say enough how much this can benefit the body and mind.

  • Go for walks and sit/stand for a moment and take in the view.

  • Look at old photos - this often sparks ideas, new plans or leads me to reconnect with friends.

  • Get a good nights sleep. ( You can't beat that freshly washed & made duvet!)

What is your self-care movement?

Share with us those hand hints. The ones that gift you that time out and make a difference to the space in your head, the mood in your heart and the energy in your body!

I would love to hear & share with others.

And if your tempted to indulge in a #MDBM too let me know how it change your day for the better?

Pictures from Unsplash: Heidi Kaden (a) & Sarah Cervantes (b)

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