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Finding Space in your day.

Finding space in your day can be a challenging thing at times and so often is something we don’t prioritise. Are you finding you work over lunch breaks, don’t take breaks at all? Work overtime?

When you get home you are straight into routines…still not switched off from a busy day of meetings, networking, deadlines, emails, finishing jobs and helping other people out….. Feeling head-full and energy low?

So why can we be so neglectful in prioritising space in our day and how do we shift the balance so that we have time to recoup and re-energise?

What if really committing to some “time out” could ensure you increased productivity, had more time for meaningful interactions at work and home, felt healthier and calmer. That wouldn’t be too difficult to choose as up there on a value list surely??

Claiming dedicated space for you is a really integral part of well-being and resourcefulness and clients often find that this is really where the change needs to start… finding permission to catch your breath and make space…slowwwwwww down … Even adrenaline junkies can get something out of gaining space ( it may just take a bit more practice!)…

Now, since we are all unique the spaces we need to re-balance may be varied and part of the fun can be the exploring and remembering/checking in with yourself about what “space(s)” will reap the best benefit for you. If this is completely out of habit concept then… take tiny steps.. start small and build up until you are tapping into your “space” more often and allowing yourself some time away to recharge as a every day occurrence.

What do we mean when we say “space”… this can be anything that aids you in a bit of time to be apart from tasks that busy your head… whatever that may be. When finding and being in your space….. I would recommend it has a few features.

Re-balance -When you are in/at the space it’s a positive feeling/experience. ( even if it feels like a cheat at first).

Time – when you are in the space for however short or long it’s sacred and its time is valued…..this isn’t supposed to be a chore, it’s a gift, kindness… a power-up!

Refocus -It shifts your thoughts and feelings to a place of being present in the space… away from thoughts of ruminating over work or worrying about what you “should” be doing…. If it helps, give yourself permission to reap the benefits of the space, you deserve it!

Positive Intention -Space resources you and is not there as an escape for avoidance from the things you need to do ( e.g. to avoid being fired, left by a partner etc. etc.)…. Leaving your space can make you feel super human and ready to get on with the day with extra energy.

If finding your space is a completely new concept and you’re not sure where to start and what will add value to your day …. I have shared with you some of my favourite spaces that give me the resources I need. Maybe they will give you a few ideas?

My favourite types of "Space"

  • Quiet Space – how often do you really find quiet space…. No background noise that meddles with the thoughts…..stillness….one of my favourite quiet spaces, that’s really accessible every day, is that moment when you stop the car…radio off…. No one else inside… the outside world subdued….. It only has to last a few moments or even seconds…a few breaths…. That quiet space….like gold-dust!

  • Inspiring Space – So I am already excited by this space just thinking about it…. This is the exploring and adventuring space….. coffee with a friend who shares their knowledge and you just listen…..a ted talk that shifts your whole thinking….. a creative space to zone and paint/do woodwork…. A book you can’t put down… the list is endless ( ooooh feeling creative now!)

  • Space-Space – Ok so this may be the geek in me speaking (love that geek!) one of my favourite spaces is space itself…. The nights sky…. The day sky…. A horizon….the moment where the day’s thoughts zone out in the midst of vastness and your mind wanders the many parallels of the space around you….. This is where I am at peace. ( I would definitely include Nature space in with this as well… waterfalls…. Forests…mountains….space!) ahhhh space-space!

  • Physical Space- Move aside the clutter! Finding space in your environment is a really helpful way of also keeping your mind calm…. I can recall having a really difficult time in a previous job role….. one day I came into the office and changed my desk round between myself and the door…… I piled up papers either side…. It wasn’t until another colleague came in and jokingly said “ it’s like you built a fort” that I was able to check in with myself and recognise… I had indeed built a fort…. To defend me… hide from the stuff that was going on around… avoidance space (not useful)……That day (after recognising my fort) things got shifted and problems solved…. It’s amazing how our environment can represent our inner self or assist in the existence of issues we want to change. Tidy space can be a great place to have space for reflection too.

  • Personal Space – Do you really focus on you and the body you are in? Perhaps you are lucky enough to have mastered mindfulness and tap into just being you, with a quick body scan or some mindful walking… We spend a lot of time functioning in our body without a really conscious check in of how it’s actually working for us. I have redefined what I understand by personal space….. no longer is it just simply to a moment of solidarity – (which I believe also reaps some great benefits)…… this is reminding ( and of course being thankful) for the body you have….whether its running, dancing, giving my hands a good massage there is something very calming I find in just reminding myself of my body as it carries me through life…. For it’s limitations and its many capabilities. … lastly and by no means least…

  • Fun space – a space to be silly, for laughter, for joy… for not being in any place of responsibility… with children…. games with adults. … making strange voices…. Pulling strange faces…. Jumping, dancing….exploring….jelly –eating …fun.

Create your space(s) and be in them….in the moment… mega-charged and raring to go back to your day with ease and motivation.

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