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Growing roots, branching out - finding you through language.

Our language is coloured by metaphors that help us to make meaning of the world, or even distance our self from what it presents.

A metaphor, by definition, is a statement that describes a representation; symbolic of something else. ... A figure of speech....

Indeed, consciously creating a metaphor for yourself can be powerful when visualising or resourcing yourself (A bit like creating a spirit animal), It's a bit of "woowoo" I can totally engage with.

Over the years of coaching I have used my own metaphor of a tree. This is why it features in my logo. Of course... I don't think I am an actual tree... just to reassure you..... However, by using the tree as a visual focus, or framing my language around this metaphor I am able to access resources, and utilise perspectives that enable me to re-frame less useful thoughts or feelings and move forward towards my goals.... The tree does, after all lend itself to some fairly robust and motivating images for me "growth", "being rooted" and "branching out".

Indeed, scientifically, I have learned much through the taxonomy and life of the woodland world comparable or perhaps aspirational, in the practice of being human. ..Right down to a sense of community.... but that's a whole other blog.

This metaphor forms not only of therapeutic value to myself.... but is there to be grown like a forest (simile) with clients, through Coaching In Nature. Metaphors after all can transcend from one person to another and indeed a word or phrase we use can be the connection that holds us together and keeps us strong.

Just as words can strengthen us, they also have the power to weaken us. Most clients that come to me to work on an issue...end up realising that it was one phrase, one experience that caused and continues to enable the problem to exist.... carried through time to repeat or distort other experience throughout their adulthood.

A network or community of friends, families, colleagues that frame an aspect of our life, have at some time shuck it up... and this can have significant effects.

"...weakened, it could be possible that they lose their conversational skills along with their ability to defend themselves" (Wohlleben, P)

Wohlleben refers to trees here, yet we are very much the same, as a result of how interactions with others, rock our boat, our mind learns new reactions such as anger, anxiety, worry, fear thinking that if we have that feeling, we can keep our self safe.... yet indeed in our very attempt to defend ourselves our network or community is disrupted further.

Feeling safe is often a necessity, a rooted need. That looks and feels different for each and everyone of us. If you don't have that currently, working through this fear and uncertainty can be freeing, empowering...a sense of safety, a sense of calm.......of space to grow.... that is a common condition.

If change work in the woodlands sounds like an experience for you, get in touch to book in a Coaching In Nature coaching programme and lets take you into the outdoors to recharge and reflect in the space of change.

"this is the recipe of life

said my mother

as she held me in her arms as i wept

think of those flowers you plant

in the garden each year

they will teach you

that people too

must wilt




in order to bloom"

(Kaur, R)


The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben 2016

the sun and her flowers, Rupi Kaur, 2017

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