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What's in your attic?

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

You probably have a place in your house where you store stuff, maybe an attic or cellar. A cupboard or even the infamous drawer (You know the one that you risk your life to look inside fearing its contents will jump out like a jack-in-the-box)

These spaces create a place to store aspects and objects of your life, a place of safety and security for possessions. No longer needed in the day to day, a place to hide baggage and junk that we plan to get rid of some day. A space to safe-keep our most beloved belongings?

Our brain is much like that loft or drawer. Storing our emotions, our memories’, and thoughts. Astutely organising, categorising and archiving.

Some of our storage may be left open and ready to access, others we cram in and pop on the lid.

Each stored in a unique way, with relative categorisation.

There are boxes that behold the fondest of memories from the past, like your photo albums. You bring them out dust them off and share them with others. Creating (through storytelling) a narrative that explains or contextualises a part of your being. These might be the things that you hold dearest and closest to you. In sharing these parts of you, you share these with privileged people you can trust or yearn to understand you more.

There are those that hold bittersweet sensations, like a box of children’s clothes still there decades since they were worn.

Many of us still hold on to those emotions, memories and narratives that do not serve a purpose anymore. The box that you would not take with you if you were to move right now.

And there are those ones, that you don’t want others to see and wouldn’t show the contents to. The one taped shut, with brown tape marked scrawled with thick marker “Fragile- do not touch”

And then, just like that infamous drawer, there is the one mark “stuff”. You got too tired of organising and processing and whacked a jumble of misunderstood and miscellaneous items in for good measure, to deal with another day.

Sometimes the boxes become to full. The lid can fly off in all wondrous eruption. A cataclysmic expression of delight or explosion of utter rage?

Just like that old box in the corner, sometimes the bottom gets soggy and falls out and we deflate and collapse with a sense of over-whelm.

Checking in on what we are storing can be beneficial.

Knowing that what we are holding on to is still of value. Is that an old story? Is that a box for the skip?

Keeping things organised and uncluttered, even if the haphazard works for us.

Sometimes it is time to sort, file and archive.

Other times it is re-discovering that precious resource(s), forgotten and unused. Diving right back in! An useful emotional heirloom from a time best-served.

What will you archive? Which resources from your mind need a good rummage, dusting off and bring back to the day to day?

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