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Don't think of the pink elephant!

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Did you stop thinking of the pink elephant yet?

That's right, it's pretty hard to not think of the PINK ELEPHANT without having to see it, create it in your brain first. .... Then you can start to ask your brain to delete it... until you are not thinking about it... for a moment.... you follow the instruction.. not to think about.... and are swiftly reminded of it again as your eyes scroll down the page.. there it is again that PINK ELEPHANT you were not suppose to think about.

Our unconscious is a clever and wonderful thing, yet often it is a little misguided. It knows that to ensure you do the thing you "don't want" (such as a bad habit or problem behaviour) it needs to ensure it has the right definition, it finds it in your mind, gives you a dose, and then attempts to delete, remove or stop it from occurring after doing it's little check that yes in deed that was the right thing to not feel!... yet in wanting it not to be there, it has to remind itself what it "doesn't want"... and there is is again....ever increasing cycle....

Imagine the pink elephant was anxiety/worry...." I don't want to have anxiety."

Your brain kicks in....."ah anxiety, I got this one, I know what that is... its the thing that feels like this.... that occurs when this....that stops us....." and there it is....the thing you didn't want.... has taken grasp and the brain has gone a little off piste in terms of what is was supposed to be doing with the "anxiety" because... well you're anxious!

We have got into a bit of a tricky habit with this word "don't" and asking for what we don't want, causes a whole load of problems in life. A simple re-frame (a way of putting a new slant on a statement that you use or on a belief that you hold) is to ask for what you want.... send your brain and the unconscious mind on a fun and enjoyable game to find the positive resources.

"I want to be calm"

"I will be enjoying myself"

"I want to see a yellow rhino"

"I am able to work in an environment that enriches me"

These are simple exchanges for turning those less helpful thoughts into useful ones.

A simple and effective reframe to things we don't want.

"I want to be calm"

"I will be enjoying myself"

"I can believe in myself"

"I am able to work in an environment that enriches me"

These thoughts enhance our mind and body state, they assist in a physiology that accesses calmer states and instill hope, curiosity and intrigue.

Using thoughts that direct towards a positive.

Enabling thoughts to gain momentum towards desire instead of deficit.

It's not just our thoughts and language that can influence this too - Surround yourself in places, experiences and things where the intent and outcome can inspire the mind to have positive experiences in focus.

Take note of your achievements and learning - remember to really see as well as do.

Our brain is clever, it keeps listening... help it discover what you want and enjoy as you surround your mind and body with more of it, as you learn to do this as a natural reflex. This is a gentle starting point to enjoying more positive outlook.

Be kind to your Self

Mind and Body are one system.

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